Puppies in their new homes!!
Bailey is one of our puppies from our very first litter of puppies with Zoey. She is now a resident of Colorado and you can see how beautiful she turned out! Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing her photo with us. Bailey visits children in the hospital  in Colorado spreading her bully love :)
Tigger AKA Spanky now resides in Wichita, KS with Nicole and Family
Tigger in his new home. What a pretty boy! Thank you Nicole for sharing his pictures.
Hobart AKA Bruski Happy in his new home with Aaron. Thank you Aaron and family for sharing his pictures with us. :)
Joker in his new home. A whopping 25 pounds and what a cute little shirt! Thank you to Andrea for sharing with us :)
Petey AKA Murphy in is his new home. Growing up to be a big boy! Thanks to his new mom for sharing :)
Popcorn all grown up at her new home with her BFF. A Big Thank you to her mom, Chastity, for sharing.
Strawberry now known as Roxie at her new home in South Carolina. Thank you to his new family the Ashley's for  sharing.